BIM: Digital Built Britain Launch

17/06/2015 2059

Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable at a site visit in London announced the launch of Digital Built Britain, the UK Level 3 Building Information Modeling program.

The works will build a digital economy for the construction industry in support of dramatically improving delivery, operations and services provided to citizens.

The program will build on the standards and savings delivered by the BIM level 2 initiative which has been central to the £840M savings achieved on central public spend in 2013/14.

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Welcome to the Digital Built Britain Website.

In 2011 the Government Construction Strategy mandated the use of Level 2 Building Information Modelling (BIM) on all public sector projects by 2016. This bold decision led to the Government and the Construction Industry to working together to develop the industry’s skills, standards and tools to dramatically reduce the cost of social infrastructure.

BIM was identified as a significant contributor to the savings of £804m in construction costs in 2013/14 announced at the Government Construction Summit in July 2014. This success has focused the need to continue to deliver the vision described in the Bew-Richards (2008) ramp and the tasks required to realise Level 3. This Digital Built Britain strategy describes how we intend taking the next steps in defining advanced standards, creating new commercial models and identifying technologies to transform our approach to social infrastructure development and construction.

We seek to create a mature digital economy for the built environment which delivers high performing assets and exceptional client value as well as a knowledge base to enable the Smart City and community members to thrive in our urban environments. This approach will attract the most talented individuals from diverse backgrounds into an industry seen to add demonstrable value to society.

This is an ambitious world class programme based on significant progress demonstrated through Level 2. To ensure we can enter the market with an equally successful Level 3 programme we must commence the detailed planning, research and develop significant cross industry partnerships.

This website will continue to grow over the coming months to communicate progress and key milestones. If you would like further information or would like to be involved please contact us at . We thank you for your continued support.