Architect Frank Gehry is helping L.A. to redevelop the Los Angeles River

07/08/2015 2227

Renowned architect Frank Gehry is working with Los Angeles officials in the public and private sector to draft a new master plan for the redevelopment of the Los Angeles River.

Gehry's involvement is a potential turning point in the decades-long movement to transform the concrete-lined waterway that winds through the heart of the Los Angeles Basin. It promises to bestow the cachet of one of the world's best-known artistic celebrities on a restoration effort that Mayor Eric Garcetti has placed at the center of his agenda.

Many details of Gehry's work -- including exactly what his plan entails and how much it would cost -- are still unknown. Two sources who have seen a presentation on the plan by Los Angeles River Revitalization Corp. officials said it appears to be a broad reworking of the Los Angeles River Revitalization Master Plan that L.A. city officials adopted in 2007 following extensive public input.

That plan established the city's long-term goals for the river; established design guidelines for the redevelopment of its banks and the surrounding areas; and laid out a detailed vision for public access to the river and the preservation of parkland and recreational areas in the 52-mile river corridor.