I prodotti PENETRON per realizzare il Rio Olympics Aquatic Park

05/08/2016 3353

This new aquatic facility will host the swimming and water polo events for the Rio 2016 Olympics as well as the swimming events for the Rio 2016 Paraplegic Games. The stadium features sustainable functions such as natural ventilation instead of a closed air conditioning system. The grandstand is closer to the athletes with the first row is only 10m (33 feet) from the pool. The facade, made of 66 panels and about 27m (90 feet) high, reproduces Adriana Varejao’s 'Coelacanth Causes Tsunami.'

The facility has two pools, one for competition and one for training, each with about 3.7 million liters (977,440 gallons) of water. There is also a special filter that reduces by 25% the use of chemicals and removes impurities from the water. The concrete pool structures of the facility offices were treated with PENETRON ADMIX; the construction joints are sealed with PENEBAR SW-55 waterstop.