Are we not drawn onward to new erA?

Andrea Dari  and Dynamo Meetup   

Once finished the BIM Manager Master’s presentation offered by Milan Polytechnique snuck up on me Alberto Tono a Computational BIM Specialist of BIMPro.
Bluntly he introduced me to all the amazing works that the Dynamo Open Source Community is doing here in Italy. Leaving away the moot details, we went strictly to the point. In fact, we are extremely happy to spread out what he is going to organize together with Riccardo Pagani (the CEO and CO-founder of BIMON and Reactstudio) and Claudio Vittori Antisari e Chiara Rizzarda (BIM Manager of Citterio and Patricia Viel) : the first Italian Dynamo BIM Workshop.

The ideas behind all these efforts can be summarized in this sentence: “thus the whole is more than the sum of its parts and it isn’t easy untangled”.
According to this idea, we hope to catch 
the attention of all BIM specialists and enthusiasts, because this could be a great opportunity to meet each other and sharing ideas, so in this way, we will be able to compete with other countries.

However, we would like to highlight all the efforts done by all our countrymen all over the world. Hindsight is always a lot clearer that our made-in-Italy is still alive and present in a lot of the great communities around the world (( 

Some great examples are: 

  • Enrico Chionna CEO of BIMPro,inc. a co-organizer of the San Francisco Dynamo User Group (
  • Salvatore Dragotta the Organizer of the Dynamo User Group of Sydney

But after getting through all these Open Source Communities we are really looking forward to seeing the results of the next Meetup that will be the 18th of September in Rome at 17.30 at the Luissenlabs,
via Marsala 19. 

There will be many great international speakers. Stay tuned