Free audio webinar - focus on tall buildings design - 22 Bishopsgate Structural Challenges – Bentley - 24th May


Building would like to invite you to a live audio webinar, '22 Bishopsgate Structural Challenges', in association with Bentley.

One of the key challenges of any tall building, like any regular structure, is to design it in a safe, efficient and economical way through:  

  • Reducing loads and maximizing the use of net available space 
  • Minimizing the amount of material to be more sustainable 
  • Completing the design within a short timeframe 
  • Staying within budget  


Join Diego Padilla Philipps, (Associate, Building Structures UK for WSP) as he analyses how the science of tall building designs are evolving rapidly to match the increasing demand in the UK.   

Diego will focus on the practical real-life case study and challenges faced in the construction of what is set to be the tallest building in the City of London in the next couple of years (22 Bishopsgate).  

Through mega transfer girders, inclined columns with high strength steel cable ties, triple-story A-frames, partial demolition of the existing basement, and top-down construction. 

Attendees will see how 22 Bishopsgate pushes the limits of traditional structural engineering whilst providing a sustainable and environmentally conscious building that re-uses 100% of the existing foundations. 

This webinar is planned to be CPD accredited, so attendees can gain study points.

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