How to include BIM in the future curricula of AEC professionals?

BIM is a rapidly growing area in the AEC (Architectural, Engineering and Construction) Industry and will cause fundamental changes in the professional roles, work processes and business models. Achieving the full benefits the new technology requires clear understanding of the BIM concepts and information flows in the process. However, most educational institutions still teach their students based on the old document based paradigm. Including BIM is not easy because of the existing curricula are extensive, there is no room for additional topics and in some cases changing the content might risk the accreditation of the courses. The presentation will discuss the challenges and possibilities and use the development at the University of Salford as a potential example.

Main topics:
• Challenges and possibilities in implementing BIM in education
• Viewpoints of architectural design and technology
• What should be different in BIM based education and why?
• Where are we at the University of Salford?
• Conclusions

Learning objectives:
• Effects of BIM in the industry and its impacts to required skills
• Why would BIM require different education
• What should the educational institutions consider when implementing BIM in their courses


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Chi è Arto Kiviniemi

Professor Arto Kiviniemi, Head of Design Directorate in the University of Salford, has developed Integrated BIM in Finland and internationally since 1996. Internationally Arto’s main activities have been related to the buildingSMART, but he is also a member in the Construction Industry Council BIM Forum in UK, ASHRAE’s BIM Committee, and FIATECH’s Academic, Interoperability and European Advisory Committees. Arto has been a member of Advisory Committees of CIFE at Stanford University 1999-2005 and the Chairman of Salford Centre for Research and Innovation 2002-2009. He has presented over 90 keynote and invited lectures in international events since 1996. In March 2009 Arto received FIATECH CETI Outstanding Researcher 2008 Award for his international merits in developing integrated BIM.