Cyclic response of concrete and R/C structures by an effective non-linear analysis tool - D2

This paper presents a tool for non-linear analysis of concrete and R/C structures that aims to be suitable for analysis of such structures subjected to static and dynamic loading conditions. A three-dimensional isotropic plastic-damage constitutive law developed by the authors is used to simulate concrete behaviour. This law is able to detect the progression of damage in R/C panels and shear walls and therefore can help in assessing their inelastic response. A R/C membrane element for two- imensional problems and a R/C plate element for three-dimensional ones are presented. Reinforcing bars are simulated with a smeared approach: multiple smeared layers with uniaxial stress- strain response are used to represent set of bars with different area and orientation: in this way it is possible to simulate most common reinforcing details. The models are implemented into the FE framework OpenSEES and a post-processing utility is developed to visualize the damage indexes computed at the local level by the material constitutive model. It will be shown that such damage contours are powerful tools for identifying the behaviour of the structure, its accumulated damage and its failure mechanisms Some showcases on slabs and three-dimensional reinforced concrete shear walls show both the ability of the model to represent the experimental evidence for performance assessment and its potentiality for the performance based design of concrete and R/C structures.

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