Evaluation of the plastic rotation of steel-concrete composite beams under hogging moment by FE modelling - F10

The issue of the plastic rotational capacity has a fundamental role in the seismic analysis of framed structures, above all because the approach with lumped plasticity, in respect of the spread plasticity approach, seems to be more suitable for the non-linear analysis of entire buildings Moreover, this approach is based on well know and reliable formulations for the concrete structures and also for the steel ones, while no specific rule is set for the composite structures. This paper reports a tri-dimensional FE model of a composite beam under hogging moment in which all the features of the materials and the interaction effects are considered. The FE model has been used for the development of a parametric analysis in order to study the effect of the different parameters on the rotational capacity of the composite beams. Finally, the obtained results have permitted to define an equivalent plastic hinge length that multiplied by the plastic curvature of the cross-section provides the available plastic rotation.

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