Risposta Sismica di Edifici Prefabbricati Isolati con Dispositivi Elastomerici - I3

Memoria tratta dagli Atti del XV CONVEGNO ANIDIS, Padova 30 giugno – 4 luglio 2013

This paper concerns the seismic behavior of precast concrete industrial buildings with an elevation equipped with seismic isolators. It’s examined a building with rectangular plan of m 40x 50. The structure is constituted of columns of square cross-section of 0.6 m, with continuum beams foundation. The desk is made with T section beams for each frame connected by Gerber joints in the main direction and they support precast pre-tensioned tiles with π shape. A plate of concrete is casted of the wing tiles for obtain a connected rigid deck. At the top of the pillars will be placed rubber bearings having high dissipation capacity (HDRB). The dynamic behavior of the structure under recorded real strong accelerograms is examined. In this work are considered Friuli, Loma Prieta, Northridge and Kobe accelerograms, dynamic incremental analysis are conducted in order to obtain the response of structure. The concrete behavior is assumed with Mander law for the pillars, while thebeams have a linear elastic behavior. For the isolators a linearized constitutive law, using equivalent stiffness, is assumed. The design criteria of isolated precast systems are highlight, in detail the use of isolators permit to reduce the dimensions and the reinforcing bars amount of pillars. It is need to connect the precast beams of the deck for obtaina rigid deck motion. 

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