CACRCS DAYS 2020 - Capacity Assessment of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Structures

The capacity assessment of corroding reinforced concrete and prestressed structures has become a most relevant engineering task with significant social and economic impact. The need to develop codes for use in the practice spurs the research community to establish and share methods to determine material deterioration and mechanical properties, member resistance and structural capacity.



Capacity Assessment of Corroded Reinforced Concrete Structures

Workshop On Line, from 1 to 4 Dicember 2020

Organizes: Collegio dei Tecnici della Industrializzazione Edilizia

with the support of

  • Fédération International du Béton
  • fib Italy Young Member
  • Associazione Italiana Calcestruzzo Armato Precompresso





Special sessions are organised during the workshop. Authors are kindly invited to select the session at which they will present their papers. At the beginning of each session, chairpersons prepare two education presentations: the first one illustrates the fundamental, while the second one the research challenges of the topic treated in the session. Therefore, the virtual workshop offers a didactic material for engineers, practitioners and a forum for scientists, concrete technologists, researchers, academics to improve knowledge about corrosion of reinforced concrete structures.

Introductive Key notes

Airong Chen, Stuart Matthews

  • A1) Corrosion Induced Damage in Materials
    • Key-note Speakers: Carmen Andrade, Fabio Bolzoni
  • A2) In Situ Inspections in the Case of Corrosion
    • Key-note Speakers: Giovanni Plizzari, Pawan Gupta
  • A3) Mechanical Properties of Concrete and Steel, Bond - Slip Relation in the Case of Corrosion
    • Key-note Speakers: Karin Lundgren, Francesco Tondolo
  • B1) Experimental Tests on Corroded RC and PC Structures Key-note Speakers: Zila Rinaldi, Jesús Rodríguez
  • B2) Implementation of the Effect of Reinforcement Corrosion in Models for the Determination of Aspects of the Bearing Capacity
    • Key-note Speakers: Marco di Prisco, Joost Walraven
  • C1) Case Study of Existing Structures and Infrastructures Key-note Speakers: Hugo Corres, Edoardo Cosenza
  • C2) Performance of Corroded Reinforcement Concrete Structures in Seismic Situations
    • Key-note Speakers: Mehdi Kashani, Camillo Nuti
  • C3) Robustness and Resilience Issues of Corroded RC and PC Structures. Predictive Estimation of the Residual Life and Effects of Repairing Actions
    • Key-note Speakers: Fabio Biondini, Robby Caspeele


Scientific Committee

Carmen Andrade, Fabio Biondini, Fabio Bolzoni, Robby Caspeele, Airong Chen, Hugo Corres, Edoardo Cosenza, Marco di Prisco, Pawan Gupta, Mehdi Kashani, Karin Lundgren, Stuart Matthews, Camillo Nuti, Giovanni Plizzari, Zila Rinaldi, Jesús Rodríguez, Francesco Tondolo, Joost Walraven


Organizing Committee 

  • Coordinator: Beatrice Belletti, Dario Coronelli
  • Anna Magri, CTE
  • David Fernández-Ordóñez, Secretary General
  • Luc Taerwe, Editor-in-Chief Structural Concrete Journal
  • Marta del Zoppo, Francesca Vecchi, Isabella Giorgia Colombo, fib Italia Young Member



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