Self Healing Capacity of Concrete: a “Mechanical” Approach

Memoria tratta da "The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete: Session B – Controlled-performance concrete", ACI IC - Bergamo 2013

This paper presents the results of a thorough characterization of the self-healing capacity of ordinary concrete, both “autogenic” and engineered through the use of crystalline admixtures. Self healing is meant as the capacity of the material to completely or partially re-seal cracks and, in case, also exhibit recovery of mechanical properties. Different types of exposure have been investigated, including accelerated temperature cycles, at constant relative humidity, in climate chamber, air exposure and water immersion. The test methodology proposed and validated in this study is based on 3-point bending tests performed up to controlled crack opening and up to failure, respectively before and after exposure/conditioning, through which recovery of stiffness and stress bearing capacity will be evaluated to assess the self healing capacity. Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity tests have complemented the investigation.

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