Steel Slag Characterization for the Recovery as Recycled Aggregate in Concrete

Memoria tratta da "The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete: Session A – Performance and Life-Cycle Costs of New Concrete Structures", ACI IC - Ancona 2011

This paper presents the results of a comprehensive characterization aimed at evaluating properties and environmental suitability of Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) steel slag for its recovery in concrete. A variety of tests were executed on samples of fresh and aged slag to characterize the geometrical, physical and chemical properties as required by UNI EN 12620:2008. In addition, the leaching behavior of raw slag was evaluated according to the method UNI EN 12457-2 for slag size 0-4 mm and according to the method UNI EN 1744-3 for slag size 16-32 mm. The tested slags showed satisfactory geometrical and physical properties. From the chemical point of view, the aged slag sample gave better results in comparison with the fresh one, even if the aged slag leachate provided a value of total chromium above the limit indicated in the Ministerial Decree 2006/186. Overall, the aged steel slag showed satisfactory properties for its recovery as a recycled aggregate in concrete.

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