Transport Properties of Nano-clay Modified Hydrophobic Concrete

Memoria tratta da "The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete: Session C - New Scenarios for Concrete", ACI IC - Ancona 2011

In this project the performance of concrete modified by the addition of nano-particles and a hydrophobic resin were studied. In particular, water capillary suction, water absorption at atmospheric pressure and under vacuum, chloride diffusion, sulfate resistance, and carbonation rate tests were carried out. The concrete (hydrophobic and not hydrophobic) showed efficacy in inhibiting the water absorption and CO2 transport due to the internal microstructure modification induced by the nano- articles action. This behavior was possible because of increased difficulty due to the passage of the substances in the concrete. Hydrophobic concrete effectively avoids the water ingress. However, because of its hydrophobic character, the concrete pores are not saturated with water and the CO2 can diffuse faster through the concrete matrix.

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