The Use of Inorganic Pigments for Producing Coloured SCC

Memoria tratta da "The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete: Session C - New Scenarios for Concrete", ACI IC - Ancona 2011

This paper presents the results of an investigation carried out to develop coloured selfcompacting concretes (SCCs) especially devoted to architectural structures. Two different inorganic pigments were tested, both at a dosage of 20 kg/m3 of concrete replacing the same amount of limestone filler. The first is cobalt-salt based (for bleu coloured SCC), the other iron-oxide based (for red coloured SCC). The leaching behaviour of the two inorganic pigments was assessed by means of leaching test, for estimating release of the most representative soluble ions concerning cementitious materials. The SCC mixtures were characterized at the fresh state by means of slump flow and V-funnel tests as well as after hardening by means of compressive and bending tests and free dying shrinkage measurements. Low water-cement ratio (equal to 0.45) was always adopted for durability reason. Moreover a shrinkage-free SCC was studied due to the combined use of a CaO- ased expansive agent and shrinkage reducing admixture.

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