Fire tests on NSM FRP strengthened and insulated beams - CICE2012

CICE 2012


Fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) strengthened members experience loss of strength and stiffness properties under fire exposure. This can be attributed to the relatively poor performance of both adhesive and FRP matrix polymers at temperatures in the range of their glass transition temperatures.

To evaluate the feasibility of achieving a fire-rated FRP system an investigation was undertaken to examine and document the performance of near-surface mounted (NSM) FRP strengthened concrete beams under fire conditions. The proposed paper discusses experimental results on 6 full-scale reinforced concrete beams exposed to fire for a time equivalent to 1 hour. All the specimens were pre-loaded to their service load. Tests results indicate that insulated NSM FRP strengthened beams can achieve a satisfactory fire endurance of one hour. The proposed paper also discusses the residual strength tests on fire tested beams, tested at room temperature up to failure. Results of this study suggest that if insulation system is able to maintain the adhesive temperature at relatively low temperature, the FRP concrete bond degradation under fire is limited and the FRP strengthened beam is still able to retain part of the original strength.

Keywords: NSM, Fire, insulation, strengthening, RC beams.