Advancement of structural safety and sustainability with Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymers – CICE 2012

Proceedings of CICE 2012 6th International Conference on FRP Composites in Civil Engineering - Rome, Italy, 13-15 June 2012

Basalt fiber composites (BFRP) have been receiving increasing attention in civil infrastructures, due to their excellent mechanical and chemical properties and high cost-performance. This paper reviews the recent achievements in advancing structural safety and sustainability by BFRP composites based on the research conducted by the authors’ research team. The major research consists of the advancement of basalt fibers through enhancing production techniques, the fundamental study of BFRP under static and cyclic loading, high temperature and severe environment and the common application directly by BFRP products. To further pursue the advantages of BFRP and its application in safe and sustainable structures, the advancement of BFRP composites through hybridization with other materials is also addressed. Based on the advancement in BFRP composites, the innovative application techniques of BFRP in civil infrastructures are further introduced, including smart structures with BFRP smart bars, long-span bridges with hybrid BFRP cables, the prestressed concrete structures with pre-tensioned BFRP sheets, damage controllable and recoverable structures with SFCB, and the sustainable structures with BFRP profiles. Finally, some new directions of research and future application for the enhancement of structural safety and sustainability are proposed.

Keywords: basalt fiber, FRP, safety, sustainability , advancement