The Mauro Dolce 's lesson about "Comparing recent italian earthquakes"

17/04/2014 5532

The Mauro Dolce's lesson about "Comparing recent italian earthquakes" - english version


 A comprehensive comparison among the 3 strongest earthquakes occured in Italy in the past thirty years is presented.

The three eartquakes struck the regions of Umbria and Marche in 1997, Abruzzo in 2009, and Emilia Romagna, Lombardia and Veneto in 2012, respectively.

They were assigned exactly the same local magnitude, MI5,9, and comparable focal dephts.

In Spite of having occured in the same country, these eartquakes displayed considerable differences from both the scientifc and the civil protection point of view.

Differences can be ascribed to the released energy, the seismotectonic and geomorphological features, as well as the diverse population density, building features and socio-economic conditions that characterize the tree epicentral areas.

Nevertheless, the overall economic losses come out to be almost the same, although deriving from quite diverse distributions among the different categories of costs.

Differences and similarities among the three events are carefully analyzed and discussed.