According to an ancient photonic model it is possible to light polarize without crystals. This amazing model evidences that the photon is not a boson but a “faithful wedded pair” of fermions with the same mass and opposite electric charge. Its intimate structure, with concordant angular momenta and discordant spins, gives rise to a paramagnetism which, in presence of a magnetic field, causes gyroscope motions with typical Larmor precessions, linked in the orientation of magnetic field and magnetic moment; if the magnetic field has a gradient it is possible to polarize the angular momenta states. The experimental evidence can be obtained using a complicated Stern Gerlach apparatus: although the high vacuum is no more necessary and the furnace is substituted by a humble light bulb, optical loops or traps (like buffer gas cells) are needed, in the gap of the electromagnet, in order to increase the extremely low cross time which the deflection depends on. The theoretic and practical consequences are considerable and all of them to be rediscovered.

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