PERMASTEELISA: The Ark 40, Mount St.Sydney - Architect Rice Daubney

03/02/2013 2390

Project Feature

Located in North Sydney, the 20-story office tower incorporates 10,500 sqm of curtain wall made up with approximately 2,000 curtain wall panels extending over 18 floors. Typical panel modules are 3650mm high by 1400mm wide with panels being made up of either dark grey or light grey 6/12/6 Low-E insulated glass units. Grey 6mm HS spandrel glass with translucent frit combined with a painted zincanneal back pan to provide the desired shadow box effect.

The main southern feature and east façade from level 2 to 5 consists of “Oriel” features - being a combination of zinc surrounds with full height glazing and adjacent outward sloping façade. At L7 to L12 the main facade slopes inwards, while L12 to plant room slopes outwards.

The southern façade also includes wing panels that are supported by structural steel on the SW, SE as well as the NW elevation. In addition, seven tapering zinc feature columns provide column features between L10 and L15.

Scope of Work

10,400 sqm (112,000 sq ft) of curtain wall.

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