BIM: IFC4 has been finalized, and it is officially released for production

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BIM: lo schema di certificazione IFC4 è stato ufficialmente rilasciato per la produzione.

Dopo oltre 6 anni di sviluppo e più di 1100 approfondimenti il 12. Marzo 2013 buildingSMART internazionale ha finalmente rilasciato la nuova generazione di schemi IFC - IFC4.


IFC4 has been finalized, and it is officially released for production.

London / Munich / Waltham  12. March 2013

IFC4 officially released

After over 6 years of development and over 1100 issues being resolved, on 12. March 2013 buildingSMART international has finally released the new generation of IFC schemas - IFC4. It will now be the basis of future work of establishing new open BIM enabled work flows by defining new IFC4 based model view definitions. The official IFC4 release includes both the IFC4 EXPRESS schema to support current STEP-based IFC exchanges, and the ifcXML4 XSD schema to support new simple ifcXML transactions.


IFC4 at a glance

  • enhances the capability of the IFC specification in its main architectural, building service and structural elements with new geometric, parametric and other features
  • enables numerous new BIM workflows – including 4D and 5D model exchanges, product libraries, BIM to GIS interoperability, enhanced thermal simulations and sustainability assessments
  • improves readability and ease of access to the documentation with numerous implementation concepts and fully linked examples
  • contains ifcXML4 schema, fully integrated into the IFC specification in addition to the EXPRESS schema
  • is fully integrated with new mvdXML technology and allows easy definition of data validation services for IFC4 data submissions
  • corrects technical problems found since the release of the IFC2x3
  • enables the extension of IFC to infrastructure and other parts of the built environment

Why implement IFC4 ?

  • Keep your customers happy by improving your IFC support
  • Take advantage of the technical improvements and consistency of IFC4
  • Remember, it is now possible to formally support model view definitions and validate them
  • Base your development of a fully documented IFC4 Model View Definition MVD thanks to mvdXML formal specification
  • Benefit from IFC the easy way with Simple ifcXML
  • Use multi-lingual property definitions linked to the buildingSMART data dictionary to customize your products
  • Broaden your IFC support with the new IFC4 objects and workflows – it will help you to attract new customers
  • Reach a wider market with IFC4 – as a full ISO standard, it will become a pre-condition for tenders in some markets

Participants of the official buildingSMART
IFC2x3 Coordination View V2.0 certification process

Software DeveloperSoftware ApplicationExchange RequirementExport/ImportStatus
ArchimenActive3D(*)Importin progress
AutodeskAutoCAD ArchitectureArchitectureImport & Exportin progress
AutodeskAutoCAD MEPBuildingServicesExportin progress
Autodesk Revit ArchitectureArchitectureImport & ExportExport: certified
Import: in progress
AutodeskRevit MEPBuildingServiceImport & Exportin progress
AutodeskRevit StructureStructuralImport in progressExport: certified
Import: in progress
Bentley SystemsAECOsim Building DesignerArchitectureImport & Exportin progress
Cad-QualityCADiE SähäkkäBuildingServiceImportin progress
Data Design SystemDDS-CAD MEPBuildingServiceExportin progress
Design DataSDS/2StructuralImport & Exportin progress
FirstInVisionCasCADos / P3cadArchitectureImport & Exportin progress
Gehry TechnologiesDigital ProjectArchitectureImport & Exportin progress
GraphisoftArchiCADArchitectureImport & ExportExport: certified
Import: in progress
International Training
Institute ITI
BenchmarkBuildingServiceExportin progress
NEMETSCHEK AllplanAllplanArchitectureImport & ExportExport: certified
Import: in progress
Vectorworks, Inc.
VectorworksArchitectureImport & Exportin progress
NEMETSCHEK SciaScia EngineerStructuralImport & ExportExport: certified
Import: in progress
PlancalnovaBuildingServiceImport & Exportin progress
ProgmanMagiCadBuildingServiceExportin progress
RIBArriba CA3DArchitectureExportin progress
RIBiTWO(*)Importin progress
Seokyoung SystemsNaviTouch(*)Importin progress
SolibriSolibri Model Checker(*)Importin progress
TeklaTekla StructuresStructuralImport & Exportin progress
VIZELIAFacility on line(*)Importin progress

(*) Exchange Requirement applicable only to export, for import all three exchange requirements have to be supported.

All Applications

by Kjetil Espedokken — last modified Jan 17, 2013 12:38 AM
This is a list of all software applications/utilities in the IFC-Compatible Implementations Database. These applications/utilities are purported, by their developers, to provide IFC import and/or export functionality. The intent of the database is to track all such applications/utilities, providing an official, centralized resource for the public and development community interested in IFC. The buildingSMART ISG is responsible for the creation and maintenance of this database, but due to the fluid nature of software development and the volatility of the AEC industry, it is possible that information will be outdated, at times. Vendor and public feedback about the contents of the database is greatly appreciated and can be directed via the contact link at the upper right-hand corner of this page.

 Name  Vendor  Type 
 3D PDF Converter (for Adobe Acrobat X)Tetra 4Dmodelviewer
 4M FineELEC4M SAbuildingservices
 4M FineHVAC4M SAbuildingservices
 4M FineSANI4M SAbuildingservices
 4M IDEA Architecture4M SAarchitectural
 4M STRAD4M SAstructural
 ACTIVe3D Build ServerGROUPE ARCHIMENdataserver
 ACTIVe3D Facility ServerGROUPE ARCHIMENfacilitymanagement
 AEC3 BimServicesAEC3other
 Advance ConcreteGRAITEC SAstructural
 Advance DesignGRAITEC SAstructural
 Advance SteelGRAITEC SAstructural
 Allplan ArchitectureNemetschek Deutschland GmbHarchitectural
 Allplan EngineeringNemetschek Deutschland GmbHstructural
 ArcGIS DesktopEsrigeographicinformationsystem
 ArtrA Field BIM & Life Cycle ManagementARTRA BIMProducts Ltdfacilitymanagement
 AutoBid SheetMetalQuickPenconstructionmanagement
 AutoCAD ArchitectureAutodesk, Inc.architectural
 AutoCAD MEPAutodesk, Inc.buildingservices
 AutoVue 3D Professional AdvancedOraclemodelviewer
 AxisVMInterCAD Kft.structural
 BIM Collaboration HubEurostep Group ASdataserver
 BIMProject evolutionAceCad Software Ltd.constructionmanagement
 BIMReview evolutionAceCad Software Ltd.modelviewer
 BIMsurfer WebGL viewerBIMsurfer.orgother
 BenchmarkITI International Training Institutebuildingservices
 Bentley Architecture V8iBentley Systems, Inc.architectural
 Bentley Building Electrical Systems V8iBentley Systems, Inc.buildingservices
 Bentley Building Mechanical Systems V8iBentley Systems, Inc.buildingservices
 Bentley Structural Modeler v8iBentley Systems, Inc.structural
 Bentley speedikon V8i (SELECTseries4)Bentley Systems, Inc.architectural
 BimsharePerfect Blue B.V.modelviewer
 CAD/QSTTQS Informática Ltda.structural
 CADS Planner ElectricKymdata Oybuildingservices
 CADductMAP Softwarebuildingservices
 CADiE SähäkkäCad-Quality Oybuildingservices
 CADmep+MAP Softwarebuildingservices
 CSiBridgeComputers and Structures, Inc. (CSi)structural
 CYPECADCYPE Ingenieros, S.A.structural
 Constructivity Model, LLCgeneralmodeling
 Constructivity Model, LLCdataserver
 Constructivity Model, LLCmodelviewer
 CostOS BIM EstimatingNomitechconstructionmanagement
 CostXExactal Technologies Pty Ltdconstructionmanagement
 DDS-CAD ArchitectData Design System ASAarchitectural
 DDS-CAD BIM-EnhancerData Design System ASAmodelviewer
 DDS-CAD ConstructionData Design System ASAconstructionmanagement
 DDS-CAD MEPData Design System ASAbuildingservices
 DDS-CAD ViewerData Design System ASAmodelviewer
 DProfilerThe Beck Group / Beck Technologyconstructionmanagement
 Dalux BIM CheckerDaluxmodelviewer
 Dalux Building ViewDaluxmodelviewer
 Design Master ElectricalDesign Master Software, Inc.buildingservices
 Design Master HVACDesign Master Software, Inc.buildingservices
 Design Master PlumbingDesign Master Software, Inc.buildingservices
 Digital ProjectGehry Technologiesarchitectural
 DuctDesigner 3DQuickPenbuildingservices
 ECCO ToolkitPDTec GmbHdevelopmenttools
 EDMserverJotne EPM Technology ASdataserver
 ETABSComputers and Structures, Inc. (CSi)structural
 EcoDomus FMEcoDomusfacilitymanagement
 EcoDomus PMEcoDomusconstructionmanagement
 EliteCAD ARRoland Messerli AG Informatikarchitectural
 FEM-DesignStructural Design Software in Europe AB / StruSoftstructural
 FMESafe Software Inc.geographicinformationsystem
 FZK ViewerKarlsruhe Institute of Technologymodelviewer
 FaMeFacilities Management Software GmbHfacilitymanagement
 GALA Construction SoftwareGALA Construction softwareconstructionmanagement
 GTXGehry Technologiesarchitectural
 HOOPS ExchangeTech Soft 3Ddevelopmenttools
 Horizontal GlueHorizontal Systems, Inc.dataserver
 IDA ICEEqua Simulation ABbuildingperformance
 IFC BIM Validation ServiceDigital Alchemyother
 IFC Engine DLLTNOdevelopmenttools
 IFC Engine ViewerTNOmodelviewer
 IFC File AnalyzerNational Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)modelviewer
 IFC Model Exchange for Microsoft VisioDigital Alchemyother
 IFC Quick BrowserGEM Team Solutions GbRmodelviewer
 IFC SDKCentre Scientifique et Technique du Batiment (CSTB)developmenttools
 IFC Takeoff for Microsoft ExcellDigital Alchemyconstructionmanagement
 IFC ToolboxEurostep Group ASdevelopmenttools
 IFC-to-RDF Web ServiceUGent SMARTLABarchitectural
 IFC2SKP pluginSECOM CO., LTD. / Secom IS Labmodelviewer
 IFCsvr ActiveX ComponentSECOM CO., LTD. / Secom IS Labdevelopmenttools
 ISY CalcusNorconsult Informasjonssystemer ASconstructionmanagement
 IfcGearsBauhaus Universität Weimardevelopmenttools
 IfcOpenShellKrijnen, Thomasdevelopmenttools
 IfcWebServerIsmail, Alidataserver
 InfoCADInfoGraph GmbHstructural
 MORADASMB AGfacilitymanagement
 MagiCADProgman Oybuildingservices
 NTItools Arkitekt (Revit plug-ins)NTI Nestor ASarchitectural
 NTItools Konstruksjon (Revit plug-ins)NTI Nestor ASstructural
 NavisworksAutodesk, Inc.constructionmanagement
 Nemetschek IFC ViewerNemetschek Deutschland GmbHmodelviewer

 Name  Vendor  Type 
 Onuma SystemOnuma, Inc.other
 Open IFC ToolsBauhaus Universität Weimar / HOCHTIEF AGdevelopmenttools
 PipeDesigner 3DQuickPenbuildingservices
 RFEMIng.-Software Dlubal GmbHstructural
 RSTABIng.-Software Dlubal GmbHstructural
 Raumtool 3DSOLAR-COMPUTER GmbHbuildingservices
 Real EstateVizeliafacilitymanagement
 Revit ArchitectureAutodesk, Inc.architectural
 Revit MEPAutodesk, Inc.buildingservices
 Revit StructureAutodesk, Inc.structural
 SAP2000Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSi)structural
 SDS/2Design Datastructural
 SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD)SOFiSTiK AGstructural
 SPIRITSTI / SOFTTECHarchitectural
 ST-DeveloperSTEP Tools, Inc.developmenttools
 SUperPlanDeliver Simulation Ltdconstructionmanagement
 ScaleCADJidea Ltd.structural
 Scia EngineerNemetschek Sciastructural
 SmartKalkHolte Byggsafe ASconstructionmanagement
 Solibri Model CheckerSolibri, Inc.modelviewer
 Solibri Model OptimizerSolibri, Inc.other
 Solibri Model ViewerSolibri, Inc.modelviewer
 SolidWorks PremiumDassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corpgeneralmodeling
 Space Layout Editor for Microsoft VisioDigital Alchemyother
 SteelVisNational Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)structural
 StruCadAceCad Software Ltd.structural
 StruWalkerAceCad Software Ltd.modelviewer
 Structural Modeler V8iBentley Systems, Inc.structural
 Synchro ProfessionalSynchro Ltd.facilitymanagement
 TRIRIGA FacilitiesTRIRIGA Inc.facilitymanagement
 Tekla BIMsightTekla Corporationconstructionmanagement
 Tekla StructuresTekla Corporationstructural
 Tilt-WerksTilt-Up Design Systems, LLCstructural
 TricalcarArktec, S.A.structural
 Trimble Design LinkQuickPenbuildingservices
 Vectorworks ArchitectNemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.architectural
 Vico Office SuiteVico Software, Inc.constructionmanagement
 VisualARQAsuni CAD, S.A.architectural
 ZigguratZiggurat Systems Ltd.generalmodeling
 bocad-3Dbocad Software GmbHstructural
 cBIM ManagerAsite Solutions Ltd.dataserver
 cadwork woodcadworkarchitectural
 dRofusNosyko ASother
 ifc-dotnetSproat, Iandevelopmenttools
 novaPlancal GmbHbuildingservices
 simplebimDatacubist Oymodelviewer
 simplebim.DeveloperDatacubist Oydevelopmenttools
 ssiIFC - Rhino 3D Smart Structural InterpreterGeometryGymstructural


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