Google and NASA Launch Quantum Computing AI Lab

19/05/2013 3251

Google e la NASA lanciano Quantum Computing, il laboratorio di intelligenza artificiale

Il laboratorio di Intelligenza Artificiale Quantum utilizzerà il computer quantistico in commercio più avanzata, la D-Wave Two.
Perché è importante: L'informatica quantistica può trasformare altre aree di ricerca e oggi con l'accordo di NASA e Google, in collaborazione con un consorzio di università, ha lanciato un'iniziativa per studiare come la tecnologia potrebbe portare a scoperte nel campo dell'intelligenza artificiale.


Quantum computing took a giant leap forward on the world stage today as NASA and Google, in partnership with a consortium of universities, launched an initiative to investigate how the technology might lead to breakthroughs in artificial intelligence.

The new Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab will employ what may be the most advanced commercially available quantum computer, the D-Wave Two, which a recent study confirmed was much faster than conventional machines at defeating specific problems (see “D-Wave’s Quantum Computer Goes to the Races, Wins”). The machine will be installed at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing Facility at the Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley and is expected to be available for government, industrial, and university research later this year.

Google believes quantum computing might help it improve its Web search and speech recognition technology. University researchers might use it to devise better models of disease and climate, among many other possibilities. As for NASA, “computers play a much bigger role within NASA missions than most people realize,” says quantum computing expert Colin Williams, director of business development and strategic partnerships at D-Wave. “Examples today include using supercomputers to model space weather, simulate planetary atmospheres, explore magnetohydrodynamics, mimic galactic collisions, simulate hypersonic vehicles, and analyze large amounts of mission data.”



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