The spirit of BIM

In the Nordic countries we like to believe that we are practical people who take advantage of modern techniques to rationalize our working processes.
Efficiency and elimination of waste in regard to both materials and resources are important to us. Therefore it is natural that compared to many other countries we are early adapters of a BIM-based construction processes.

In the spirit of BIM we now invite you to broaden your vision and share your wisdom and experience with your colleagues from around the Scandinavia, Finland and Baltic countries. Welcome to join the very 1st Tekla Nordic BIM Forum in Tallin on May 10th -11th 2012.
Please mark this date in your calendar and wait for more information to follow.

As a keynote speaker we proudly present you Ilkka Romo, Vice President, Research & Development, Skanska Finland, winner of the BIM category in Tekla Global BIM Awards 2011.

Please note that there is a limited number of seats available.

Let’s collaborate – in the spirit of BIM!

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