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Strategies for Sustainable Concrete Structures - International Conference

September 5-7, 2019
Lecco, Lake Como, Italy

RILEM International conference

Strategies for Sustainable Concrete Structures

September 5-7, 2019

strategies-for-sustainable-concrete-structures---international-conference-01.jpgLecco, Lake Como, ItalyCement is the main constituent of concrete, the most widely used building material, and will continue to be largely used in the next years. Its production generates around 8% of the total CO2 emissions and therefore, the optimization of its use in concrete structures, and the extension of structure lifespan play a key role to favor a sustainable development.

Computational methods oriented to evaluate wide strategies to achieve these tools are a new border of civil engineering nowadays.

The numerical methods like finite elements, finite volumes, finite differences and many others constitute a relevant response to this challenge.

They potentially allow to take into account the rheological, physico-chemical behavior and the improved mechanical concrete properties by considering thermo-hydro-mechanics and environmental boundary conditions acting on the structures, to optimize these structures.

The optimization can be carried out with respect to time, money, safety, energy, CO2 emissions, and, more generally, life cycle, in a more reliable way than that associated to code rules and analytical approaches currently used. The control of the concrete when placed in the formworks, its durability, its cracking, its shrinkage and its creep, with respect to the sustainable development constitute, therefore, the principal topics of this international conference. The objective is to join together researchers, engineers, architects, urbanists, industrials and owners, to exchange and reflect on the use of numerical tools and their contribution with respect to the current stakes of sustainable development.

Following SSCS'2012 in Aix-en-Provence and Rio de Janeiro in 2015, it was decided to organize the third Conference SSCS'2018 at Politecnico di Milano, Lecco campus, located on lake Como. The shifting of one year was decided to prevent the overlapping with an international conference on similar topics (DSCS, Moscow 2018). The organization will try to privilege the scientific and technical discussions because these topics are quite new and deserve a wide discussion.

Conference Topics

I. Therotical and Numerical Models

I.1. Flowing and Casting

I.2. Early age behaviours

I.3. Draying. Shinkages and Creeps

I.4. Cracking behaviours (static, fatigue, dynamic)

I.5. Chemical aging (chemical reactions and transfers)

I.6. Coupling Problems

I.7. Durability

II. Structural applications and Sustainability

II.1. Bridges

II.2. Buildings

II.3. Nuclear structures and storages

II.4. Tunnels

II.5. Roads and Railways

II.6. Hydroelectrical power plants

II.7. Others applications

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The accepted papers will be included in the proceedings, after the registration of at least one of the author to the Congress (not the same author for more than one paper), even if the author does not take part into it.

All papers submitted will be distributed to the attendants in digital format with ISBN.

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