Paoletti Ingrid

Politecnico di Milano

Curriculum / Profilo


Innovative materials and building technologies, mass customization in construction industry, advanced envelope components and systems, digital fabrication, off site manufacturing, history of industrialization, dry assembly and light-weight construction.


  • ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR of Building Technology at Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering (ABC) at Politecnico di Milano, she teaches at the AIUC school in Milan.
  • DEAN’S DELEGATE for International relations with EXPO2020 DUBAI.
  • MEMBER OF CIB WORKING GROUP Task Group W 119 Customized Industrial Construction.
  • CO-FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR of Actlab, Research Unit and Scientific Coordinator of SAPERLAB, RESEARCH LAB of DIGITAL FABRICATION @DABC, Politecnico di Milano University.


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