Concrete and Contractors

AUTORE: Amedeo Gregori and Roberto Marino
CASA EDITRICE: Edizioni IMREADY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                PAGINE: 64
ANNO: 2014

“Concrete and contractors” is a practical handbook for operators working at the construction site and for contractors. In it you can find information and useful tips to
succeed in the building process.
The notes are given in the teaching form of drawings and vignettes: the practical purpose is to help the operators to understand and do not omit important details
which could have negative consequences on the quality of the works.
The objective is also that of increasing skills and to provide better guarantees to the Company and to the Construction Manager (the supervision of the construction works according to the project design), which is responsible for controlling the execution of the works.
Some tables are inserted in the text to provide deeper information into specific topics, introducing references to regulations, recommendations, and documents.
Compliance with simple rules listed in the handbook, will allow the operator to tackle the job with greater confidence and to carry the work out with ease and safety.
The proper execution of the construction works makes building precious over time and represents a value not only for buyers but also for the entire community.
We wish you all a good read! (oppure Enjoy reading!)

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