BIOCORIN New biocoating for corrosion inhibition in metal surfaces


The concept of the project is based on a biological phenomenon commonly occurring in nature for microbial population regulation. Microorganisms secrete compounds that inhibit the growth of other microorganisms due to existing antagonism between microbial populations.
This behaviour will be used for inhibiting the growth of the microorganisms responsible of MIC and biofouling. The technology will be demonstrated and validated by means of three case studies with different environmental conditions. The demonstrators have been selected on the basis of geographical criteria to evaluate the effects of different environmental conditions in anti-MIC and antifouling capabilities of the developed technology. A new demonstrator
has been added with respect to the case studies foreseen in the proposal submitted to the 1st stage. This demonstrator will be carried out in the Harlingen’s port (The Netherlands). The particular climatic conditions and characteristics of the North Sea with respect to the Mediterranean cases studies will permit to demonstrate the replicability of the BIOCORIN solution and its adaptation to different conditions and fouling characteristics.
Therefore, the following demonstrators will be carried out.

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