The 2nd Italian Dynamo Meetup in Rome, a brief report

19/09/2017 2873

Yesterday 80 geeks from all the country took part in the 2nd Italian Dynamo Meetup in Rome. They came from Milan, Florence, Veron, Padua, Venice, Genoa but also from San Francisco and Munich. 


We first presented the result of the Singapore International BIM Competition: a team of brilliant students, composed by Alessandro Sartini, Marco Micheli, Halle Tirabassi, Silvano Sasso, Giordano Maurizi, Giulia Santini and Lavinia Pignotti, coordinated by Computational BIM specialist Alberto Tono reached the third placement.
A special Thanks  to Riccardo Pagani (CEO and CO-founder of BIMON and Reactstudio), Thomas Mahon (Bimorph), Claudio Vittori Antisari, Chiara Rizzarda and Matteo Testi (DeeplearningItalia) for supporting the team all throughout the competition. 

Two special guests led the second part of the event: Colin McCrone, Design Technologist and Educator – Product Manager at Autodesk San Francisco, and Philip Muller, Autodesk Educational Experiences from Munich.

It has been a great opportunity to create some great connections for all the engineers and architects in our country...trying to develop an Open Source community with all the best firms in Italy.

This event was proudly sponsored by AUTODESK, BIMON and REACT STUDIO