Simplified procedures and dynamic SHM for safety evaluation of bridges - L18

This work presents the seismic evaluation of a large network of infrastructures located in the Veneto Region in the North-East of Italy. A large bridge database was subject to investigation, and simplified automated seismic valuation methods were developed in order to estimate the behavior of different types of structures located in seismic zones. In particular, analyses of infrastructures insistent in seismic zones, including surveys, investigations, seismic evaluation and seismic hazard assessment of the infrastructure in reference to parametric study of the structural vulnerability have been carried out. After estimating the safety factor of each structure based on the most vulnerable structural element, the key infrastructures on which execute system identification and simulate the response through numerical models were distinguished. In fact, the second step of this study is the structural identification of highly damaged bridges where a straightforward procedure has been applied. Static and modal parameters have been estimated for masonry arch bridges, concrete arch and continuous bridges, reticular and box girder steel bridges. The structural identification was used not only for calibration purposes but also for short and long term structural health monitoring (SHM) and damage detection. The SHM systems revealed good efficiency by maintaining the analyzed bridges open to traffic and constantly controlled.

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