5th International Workshop on Regional Critical Infrastructure Resilience – “Resilience Partnering”

21/06/2015 2256

5th International Workshop on Regional Critical Infrastructure Resilience – “Resilience Partnering”

Sede: Palazzo Lombardia, Piazza Città di Lombardia 1 |Sala Biagi, ENTRANCE N1 -

Data: 22/06/2015 - 23/06/2015

The development of long term, strategic relationships between public and private organisations is crucial for building superior infrastructure protection and resilience capabilities. Both well-established and emerging Regional Public-Private Collaborations demonstrate to foster infrastructure resilience partnering, thanks to closer and trusted relationships and consistent implementation of good practices.

MIRACLE project (www.miracle-project-eu) aims at promoting the diffusion and contributing to the harmonized development of regional Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience (CIP-R) programmes in Europe. Thanks to the direct involvement of three leading European Regions: Lombardy Region, Scottish Government and Kennemerland Safety Region, MIRACLE develops a learning and continuous improvement process based on the exchange of experiences and the identification of good practices. The European Union co-financed the project under the CIPS Action Grant 2012.

The 5th International Workshop on Regional Critical Infrastructure Resilience – “Resilience Partnering” will address world-class practices for the development of local public-private collaborations towards enhanced infrastructure resilience. Speakers and testimonials will bring distinctive experience and latest developments at local, national or supra-national level, whereas the presentation of MIRACLE’s main results will help to put these experiences into context and draw a framework for the alignment of CIP-R strategies and initiatives at different levels.

One of the main goal of MIRACLE is the launching of the CIRINT.NET International Network, a long lasting community-building instrument to put together public institutions, private operators, professionals and academics interested in fostering regional approaches to CIP-R. During the workshop, the formal signature of the CIRINT.NET Framework and Terms of Reference will take place at the presence of Governments’ representatives of the three partner regions.

The Universal Exposition EXPO2015 – “Feeding the planet, Energy for Life” (www.expo2015.org/en) is the perfect landscape for the workshop. It offers a broader thematic context, opens to conference participants a view on EXPO2015 security and resilience capacities (based on a cutting-edge solution specifically designed for the event), and a plenty of entertainment opportunities in the exhibition area as well as in the broader Milan metropolitan area.

Workshop Chair:
Prof. Paolo Trucco, PhD. Full Professor of Operations Risk Management and Resilience POLITECNICO DI MILANO (Milan, Italy) paolo.trucco@polimi.it

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