3DiLiA: A computer code for three-dimensional limit analysis of rigid block assemblages with frictional joints - G8

A computer code based on a three-dimensional formulation for limit analysis of in-plane and out-of-plane loaded blocky masonry structures was developed. A rigid- erfectly plastic model with dry contact interfaces governed by cohesionless Coulomb failure criterion is assumed. Linear and linearized yield functions are used for rocking, sliding and torsion failure, whilst a simple yield condition is defined to take into account interaction effects of shear force with torsion and bending moment. Assuming associative flow rules, the limit analysis problem has been formulated as a non-linear mathematical program. An iterative solution procedure based on linear programming and implemented in MATLAB environment is used to solve the limit analysis problem and to take into account non-linearities due to the influence of bending moments and shear stresses on torsion strength. The results of experimental investigations on out-of-plane masonry walls constrained at one edge and numerical examples from the literature were considered for comparison.

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