Architectural heritage of public administration: developing the resources’ potentials for service-critical buildings. The case of Pavia


The central content of this contribution to P.R.I.N. – B.H.I.M.M. Research work concerns the application of Building Information Modeling and Management methodologies to the ‘Palace of Justice’ – the Law-courts building – in the town of Pavia, through the development of a multi-dimensional model describing the actual consistence and state of conservation. Thence deriving from it the virtual model aimed at its rehabilitation project of the ‘under-roofing’ last floor, in order to plan its transformation, and the following ‘as built’ BIM model.  
Among the scopes of this work, peculiar is the analysis of the potentialities disclosed by the application of BIM methods to conservation and upgrade processes on the existing real estate, when subject to architectural heritage protection laws. In addition to the cultural heritage great values’ conservation and dissemination policy, the rehabilitation of public buildings guesting delicate or strategic service function, meets public audience very sensitive to efficient money spending and the management of urban functions. 
The here presented works are the fruit of the collaboration between the Milano Polytechnic – School of Architecture and Society, with the Provveditorato alle Opere Pubbliche di Lombardia ed Emilia Romagna Regions – the State Agency in charge of the managing of public construction works. The BIM models are developed through the collaboration of two students who assumed the theme of the Pavia Law-courts project as the object of their bachelor degree thesis. The Institutions operating in the Pavia Law-courts offered their full support, allowing the application of innovative methodologies grafted upon real practical and urgent rehabilitation needs for a building guesting strategic civil functions. 

Tratto dal Convegno
Modellazione e gestione delle informazioni per il patrimonio edilizio esistente
Built Heritage Information Modelling/Management – BHIMM
Politecnico di Milano, 21/22 GIUGNO 2016


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