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A Unified Calculation Formula for RC members Subjected to Combined Bending, Shear, Torsion, and Axial Loads

The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete Session B – Controlled-performance Concrete

Memoria tratta da "The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete: Session B – Controlled-performance Concrete", ACI IC - Ancona 2011

The paper presents a unified formula for calculating the ultimate state of reinforced concrete (RC) members under combined loading conditions, including bending, shear, torsion, and axial loading. The proposed formula wais deduced by using bending-torsion interaction as a bridge connecting shear-torsion and bending-axial compression interaction. Interactions of various kinds were considered in the proposed formula, and their strength formulas were obtained. Experimental data were compared with obtained interaction formula. Good agreement was obtained, indicating that the unified formula should be applicable to various interactions. Moreover, the unified formula could be used as unified failure criteria of RC components to determine the safety of the members under various loading states. It can also be used to calculate residual capacity of components under various kinds of combined loading.

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