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High Temperature Effects on Flexural Performances of RC Bridge Decks Strengthened with EBR-FRP

The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete Session B – Controlled-performance concrete

Memoria tratta da "The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete: Session B – Controlled-performance concrete", ACI IC - Bergamo 2013

In this paper the thermo-mechanical behaviour of RC bridge decks strengthened with externally bonded FRP laminates is investigated by considering environmental conditions responsible of thermal states different from the normal ones. A parametric analysis is performed by varying the slab thickness, the FRP reinforcing percentage, the type of fibre and the thickness of the protection layer. The results are given in terms of ultimate bearing capacity of the slabs, which allows individuating the conditions responsible of premature FRP-to-concrete debonding or temperature levels greater than the glass transition temperature of the adhesive.

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