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I fattori microclimatici, chimico-fisici e biologici: gestione e modellazione

I fattori microclimatici, chimico-fisici e biologici: gestione e modellazione nell'ambito del restauro


The current study aims at formalizing, through a model of Ontologies, the multiple investigations managed within diagnostic research filed for cultural heritage.  The conceptual categories achieved derive from specialized knowledge domains and needs, necessarily, to gather into a common interpretation process.
This activity has shown a true interest although rather complex because of the big difference existing between the various types of results and their interpretations. In addition, the attempt to rationalize knowledge processes has certainly helped to better understand different methods and develop a common language able to combine the numerous disciplines involved.
Analyzing microclimate data it has been observed that, comparing to daily temperature and humidity variations collected outside, inside parameters are very stable. Considering seasonal variations, a modification of the site microclimate may be registered, although this happens gradually without abrupt changes. In addition, from the biological point of view, passage of contaminants is very little thanks to windows position and building current non-attendance.
Thanks to the microclimate investigation developed along a year it was possible to define the number of visitors and the times of permanence sustainable by the hypogeal site, in relation to seasonal periods. As a result, useful data for site management were provided.
In particular, the piece of research developed has made possible, on the one hand to verify validity of the knowledge structures already formalized in the other domains of the Ontology, on the other has highlighted efficacy of ontology modelling, within a strongly interdisciplinary and complex context. Actually, it has pointed out the potentiality of this model as a preventive preservation tool and its possible adoption for effectively supporting current managing activities.

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Modellazione e gestione delle informazioni per il patrimonio edilizio esistente
Built Heritage Information Modelling/Management – BHIMM
Politecnico di Milano, 21/22 GIUGNO 2016

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