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Performance-based Service Life Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures Exposed to Chloride Environments

The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete Session A – Performance and Life-Cycle Costs of New Concrete Structures

Data di pubblicazione originale dell'articolo: 10/4/2014

Memoria tratta da "The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete: Session A – Performance and Life-Cycle Costs of New Concrete Structures", ACI IC - Ancona 2011

Keynote Lecture

Design for durability is a critical task for reinforced concrete structures exposed to chloride bearing environments. Besides the selection of the concrete composition and the cover thickness, often also preventative measures, such as the use of corrosion resistant rebars or cathodic prevention, are selected. The evaluation of the convenience of any type of preventative measure should be based on a life cycle cost analysis. Nevertheless, the preliminary step for the evaluation of different protection strategies should be a quantitative analysis of their performance in terms of probability of reaching the design service life. Probabilistic performance-based models for service life design are now available, which could also allow the implementation of preventative measures. The paper describes the possible advantages and limitations of such models in the study of different options able to fulfil requested durability requirements.

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Luca Bertolini

Professor, Politecnico di Milano, Dept. of Chemistry, Materials and Industrial Chemistry “G. Natta”