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Studio del comportamento idraulico e meccanico dei terreni trattati con tecnologia CSM

Nuova stazione AV di Bologna

The Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM) technology is one of the most recent and effective methods for deep mixing (DM) of soils. The technique is very versatile, being used in a huge range of soil conditions, and can represent a suitable alternative with respect to other systems, especially in clayey soils. The paper shows and discusses some results of a comprehensive experimental investigation carried out on CMS-treated soil samples recovered from more than 50000 m2 CSM panels realized for the construction of the new railway station in Bologna. Both hydraulic (permeability) and mechanical (unconfined compression strength and deformability) properties were investigated, in order to study the influence of curing time on the overall mixture response. Other mineralogical and microstructural tests were carried out to figure out the degree of mixture homogeneity reached by site mixing and the amount of cement effectively bonding the soil matrix.