Mortar-filled FRP tubes strengthening axially compressed steel members – CICE 2012

Proceedings of CICE 2012 6th International Conference on FRP Composites in Civil Engineering - Rome, Italy, 13-15 June 2012

This paper puts forward a steel strengthening method using mortar-filled FRP tubes. Through axial compression test on eighteen specimens of different cross section types, slenderness ratios and wrapping FRP fabrics layers, the failure mode, bearing and ductility capacity have been obtained. On the basis of statistics, the bearing capacity of confined specimens increased by 44%-243%, most of which exceeded whole cross-sec tion yield load, and the deformation capacity at the peak load and ductility increased m
uch. In general, the method is fast, convenient, economic and effective, and presents further potential research areas like light weight and green sustainable direction.

Keywords: Buckling; FRP tube; Mortar; Steel; Strengthening

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