Nuovo quadro dell'assetto geologico-strutturale della regione dello Stretto di Messina

19/12/2013 2984

I risultati di una recente spedizione geofisica, sponsorizzata da Dta/Cnr, forniscono un nuovo quadro dell'assetto geologico-strutturale della regione dello Stretto di Messina.
La ricerca è pubblicata su «Scientific Reports» (Nature Publishing Group) - The tectonic puzzle of the Messina area (Southern Italy): Insights from new seismic reflection data. sul sito

 The Messina Strait, that separates peninsular Italy from Sicily, is one of the most seismically active areas of the Mediterranean. The structure and seismotectonic setting of the region are poorly understood, although the area is highly populated and important infrastructures are planned there. New seismic reflection data have identified a number of faults, as well as a crustal scale NE-trending anticline few km north of the strait. These features are interpreted as due to active right-lateral transpression along the north-eastern Sicilian offshore, coexisting with extensional and right-lateral transtensional tectonics in the southern Messina Strait. This complex tectonic network appears to be controlled by independent and overlapping tectonic settings, due to the presence of a diffuse transfer zone between the SE-ward retreating Calabria subduction zone relative to slab advance in the western Sicilian side.

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