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3rd Workshop on: The new boundaries of structural concrete

Memorie del 3° workshop organizzato da ACI IC - The new boundaries of structural concrete

University of Bergamo - ACI Italy Chapter
Bergamo, Italy, October 3 - 4, 2013

Luigi Coppola, Roberto Realfonzo and Paolo Riva


Keynote Lecture
Durability of reinforced concrete structures Prof. Collepardi M.

Session A
Performance and life-cycle costs of new concrete structures

A 1 - The next generation ecological self compacting concrete with waste glass powder as a cement component in concrete and recycled concrete aggregates Kara P.
A 2 - Structural Concrete Solutions for Al-Faw Grand Port Design Specifications Chiarelli, A., Passacantando, G. & Troli L. & Ormellese, M.
A 3 - Eco-mechanical performances of recycled aggregate concrete Fantilli, A.P. & Chiaia, B
A 4 - The re-use of grinded asphalt as partial replacement of natural aggregates for concrete production Coppola, L., Buoso, A. & Lorenzi, S.
A 5 - Constitutive modeling for failure and localization properties analysis of concrete with recycled aggregates Vrech, S., Ripani, M., Etse, G., Caggiano, A.

Session B
Controlled-performance concrete

B 1 - Self healing capacity of advanced cement based materials Ferrara, L. & Krelani, V.
B 2 - Effect of different fibers on FRC cracking behavior evaluated through ring test Corinaldesi, V., Nardinocchi, A. & Moriconi, G.
B 3 - Effect of Steel Fiber Volume on Fiber Reinforced Concrete Post-Cracking Behavior Corinaldesi, V. and Moriconi, G.
B 4 - Cracking in cement-based materials under restrained shrinkage: introducing the concept of shrinkage cracking rate Reggia, A. & Plizzari, G.A.
B 5 - Performance-based durability design of concrete structures reinforced with stainless steel bars Gastaldi, M., Lollini, F. & Bertolini, L.
B 6 - Strength development of high-performance concrete mixes, with pozzolanic supplementary cementitious materials (fly ash) Valente, M., Bressan, M., Pasqualini, A., Bianchini. S. & Liberatore, F.M.
B 7 - Thermal behaviour of different concrete mixtures with pozzolanic additions Surico, F., Gregori, A., Marino, R. & Longhi, F.
B 8 - Dynamic behaviour of UHPFRC used in protective structures
B 9 - The influence of AC and DC electrical resistance and piezoresistivity measurements of CNTs/cement composites. Coppola, L., Buoso, A. & Corazza, F.
B 10 - Comparative evaluation of steel, glass and polypropylene fiber reinforced shotcretes for tunnel lining Coppola, L., Buoso, A. & D’Alessandro, F.
B 11 - Flexural check of RC bridge decks strengthened with EBR-FRP at high temperatures Nigro,E., Bilotta, A. & Del Prete, I.

Session C
New scenarios for concrete

C 1 - Performace of eco-friendly sulphobased rapid hardening concrete
C 2 - On the mechanical properties of recycled aggregate concretes and their correlations with the hydration processes Pepe, M., Koenders, E.A.B. & Martinelli, E.
C 3 - The influence of the initial moisture conditions of coarse aggregates on the properties of RAC Faella, C., Caggiano, A., Lima, C., Martinelli, E., Pepe, M. & Realfonzo,R.
C 4 - Light-Weight and heavy concretes at high temperature: do they behave similarly to ordinary concrete? Bamonte, P., Gambarova, P.G., Lo Monte, F. & Rossino C.
C 5 - Effectiveness of synthetic structural fibers for self-compacting fiber reinforced concretes Corinaldesi, V., Nardinocchi, A. and Donnini, J.
C 6 - Analysis of mechanical properties of concrete prepared with a 40% of recycled aggregate Letelier, V., Osses, R., Valdés, G. & Moriconi, G.
C 7 - Assessment of the potentialities of recycled steel fibres for the reinforcement of cement based materials Barros, J.A.O., Zamanzadeh, Z., Mendes, P.J.D., & Lourenço L.A.P.
C 8 - Experimental behaviour on shear strengthened masonry panels
C 9 - Transport properties of nano-clay modified hydrophobic concrete Scarfato, P., Fariello, M.L., Di Maio, L. & Incarnato,L.

Session D
Concrete quality control on site

D 1 - Concrete quality control planning according to UNI EN 13670 Ing. Zampighi, C.