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A simplified approach for the integrated design of viscoelastically damped structural systems - N4

Atti del XV congresso ANIDIS 2013

In this work, a simplified approach for the integrated design of the structural and the viscoelastic bracing-damper systems is presented. With reference to the viscous or viscoelastic dampers, the optimal integrated design is based on the possibility of achieving the seismic protection through the integration of the elastic lateral stiffness resources and the viscoelastic properties of a dissipative bracing-damper system. The optimal design is defined by determining the combination of the variables which minimizes a total cost function. Then a validation of the integrated procedure is performed by verifying that the dynamic response of an optimal single-degree-of- reedom integrated system achieves in average the expected performance displacement by considering a set of seven unscaled acceleration records compatible in average with the elastic spectrum relative to the life safety state, provided by the new Italian seismic code. Finally the extension of this procedure to a proportionally damped multi- degrees-of-freedom integrated system, having a regular stiffness distribution in elevation, is developed on the basis of specific hypotheses by evaluating the different energy rates and the average displacement of the time history responses to the seven unscaled acceleration records and highlighting the effectiveness of the proposed integrated design methodology.

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