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Critical regions of RC primary elements detailed in according to provisions rules for curvature ducility: comparisons and numerical analyses - E3

Atti del XV congresso ANIDIS 2013

In moment resisting frames beams and columns are designed for flexural, axial, and shear actions due to vertical and horizontal loads. Special proportioning and detailing requirements are applied in these elements for making them capable of resisting against severe earthquakes without significant loss of strength beyond the flexural elastic limit, and avoiding brittle failure (shear mechanisms). As known, the required flexural inelastic excursions (expressed by the local ductility demand) depend on the dissipative capacity of the structure. The flexural ductility significantly increases with the transverse reinforcement amount provided to confine section core and to prevent buckling of compressed longitudinal bars. In this paper detailing provisions adopted by some seismic codes are compared. At first, the codes provisions to be applied within critical regions of RC primary frames sections are discussed and compared as a function of the curvature ductility demand. Then, non- inear monotonic moment-curvature analyses are performed on fiber sections of columns and beams, and by taking into account the confinement effects on concrete core as well. The numerical investigations are carried out for comparing the available curvature ductility with the expected one applying the provisions mentioned by theseismic codes.

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