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Non-linear cyclic modelling of moment-resisting timber frames - H5

Atti del XV congresso ANIDIS 2013

In this paper a non-linear cyclic modelling approach for moment resisting timber frames is presented. Steel tubes are used to connect the column and the beam element, in this way achieving a ductile semi-rigid connection. The experimental tests carried out at Delft University, in the Netherlands, on this type of joint have been modelled numerically with a non-linear, elasto-plastic rotational spring element. The properties of the spring have been calibrated on the experimental results by minimising the difference between experimental and numerical total energy values. The spring has then been used to model an entire 2D timber frame. The potentialities of this approach are presented, showing results from static and dynamic analyses including the evaluation of the behaviour factor. The developed model can be used for a correct estimation of the seismic capacity and vulnerability of moment-resisting timber frames.

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