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PERPETUATE Project: the proposal of a performance-based approach to earthquake protection of cultural heritage - M10

Atti del XV congresso ANIDIS 2013

The paper describes the methodology proposed in the PERPETUATE Project (funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission – Theme ENV.2009. The methodology proposed in PERPETUATE uses a displacement-based approach for the vulnerability assessment evaluation and design of interventions. The use of safety verification in terms of displacement, rather than strength, orients to new strengthening techniques and helps in the comprehension of interaction between structural elements and unmovable artistic assets. A full methodological path for the assessment of cultural heritage assets is proposed, which is based on three main steps. In the first one, the building is investigated and the seismic input is defined in accordance with specific safety and conservation requirements. In the second one, the seismic response of the asset is described through mechanical model and its capability to satisfy the defined requirements is assessed. Finally, in the third step, rehabilitation decisions are taken and, if necessary, the second step is repeated for the design of strengthening interventions. A general overview of the research tools adopted in the project is provided; in particular, experimental tests and case studies useful to validate the reliability of the proposed procedure are presented.

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