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Structural Concrete Solutions for Al-Faw Grand Port Design Specifications

The New Boundaries of Structural Concrete Session A – Performance and life-cycle costs of new concrete structures

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Works for the Al-Faw Grand Port Project (Iraq) represent one of the world largest construction activities for a port plant which will be undertaken in the next years. In the layout defined in the Master Plan the port will include 7 km of Container Terminal Quays, 3.5 km Dry Bulk Terminal Quays, about 22 km of breakwaters and over 140 million m3 of dredging. Large concrete quantities are expected to be used for the construction: a massive concrete crownwall will be cast at breakwaters top, while open berth deck quays shall be high performance reinforced concrete structures. Large massive concrete cast in a very hot environment are to be considered while usual tight requirements for the aggressive marine conditions are exasperated by the given life cycle on the structures which shall be 100 years; moreover, the logistic presents difficulties on concrete transportation to the casting sites. Under such boundary conditions and considering cost constraints, it was performed a comparative study on some possible alternatives which can be adopted in order to limit construction and maintenance costs ensuring at the same time the required life cycle. This study pointed out the opportunity to adopt different concrete types depending on the applications; experiences on concrete dams have been considered for the massive concrete crownwall, while for quay deck segments, cathodic prevention has been economically and technically compared to an extensive use of stainless steel bars.

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