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The Influence of Soil Non-Linearity on the Seismic Response of Bridge Structures Supported on Extended Pile Shafts - D12

Atti del XV congresso ANIDIS 2013

The soil behaviour influences the dynamic performance of extended pile-shafts. Therefore, the seismic design of such structures should account for soil-structure- nteraction effects. In this study, incremental dynamic analyses are conducted to evaluate the effects of ground motion duration and soil non-linearity on the performance of the single column bent in different soil profiles. Three types of soil are considered: saturated clay, saturated sand, and dry sand, with different levels of compaction. A beam on non-linear Winkler foundation model that is able to account for cyclic soil degradation-hardening, soil yielding, slack zone development as well as radiation damping is used in the analysis. The results of the incremental dynamic analyses are presented in terms of stress resultants arising along the pile and in terms of pseudo-accelerations occurring at the top of the structure. To illustrate the influence of soil nonlinearity on the overall seismic response, the results are compared with those obtained from linearanalysis.

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