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A Model for the Dynamic Analysis of Inclined Pile Groups - D10

Atti del XV congresso ANIDIS 2013

The paper presents a numerical model for the kinematic interaction analysis of inclined pile groups; piles are modelled with beam finite elements and the soil is schematized with independent horizontal infinite layers. The pile-soil-pile interaction and the radiation problem are accounted for by means of elastodynamic Green’s functions. Piles cap is considered by introducing a rigid constraint; the condensation of the problem permits a consistent and straightforward derivation of both the impedance functions and the foundation input motion which are necessary to perform the inertial soil-structure interaction analyses, according to the substructure approach. The model validation is carried out comparing results, in terms of dynamic impedances, with those furnished by 3D refined finite element models. With reference to some case studies, basic considerations concerning the behaviour of inclined piles are made from the comparison of results obtained by considering vertical and inclined piles.

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