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Behaviour and design of innovative steel frames with RC infill walls - F4

Atti del XV congresso ANIDIS 2013

In this work steel frames with reinforced concrete infill walls (SRCWs) are considered, limitations of designs following current code recommendations are discussed, an alternative capacity design approach for innovative SRCWs is illustrated and evaluated. The innovative SRCW system is conceived to ensure the formation of diagonal struts in the infill walls by eliminating the connectors between wall and vertical columns and by placing stiffeners and bearing plates in the joints. In this way the hybrid system behaves as a latticed brace instead of a shear wall and energy dissipation takes place mainly in the vertical steel elements without involving the reinforcements of the infill walls. This study is part of a research project named INNO-HYCO (INNOvative HYbrid and COmposite steel-concrete structural solutions for building in seismic area) funded by the European Commission.

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