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Coupled fatigue and seismic damage analysis for bridges and viaducts - K9

Atti del XV congresso ANIDIS 2013

The fatigue reliability of a steel girder bridge considering a seismic event during the lifetime of the structure is studied in this work with a probabilistic approach. In the first part the fatigue damage is studied considering the traffic load produced by heavy trucks crossing the bridge; the second part deals with the fatigue damage related to seismic loading. Both damage typologies are analyzed using linear elastic fracture mechanics principles, and the time required for an initial crack propagation is calculated. Taking into account that the correlation between fatigue effects and seismic actions is not usually considered in the literature, this method could enable a better understanding of progressive damage phenomena due to fatigue related problems, and could give some new insights for increasing the remaining fatigue life of a large number of steel bridges in seismic zones. Keywords: earthquake, damage, fatigue, bridges, viaducts.

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