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Soil-Structure Interaction Effects on the Seismic Response of Multi-Span Viaducts - K2

Atti del XV congresso ANIDIS 2013

The paper focuses on the effects of soil-structure interaction in the seismic response of multi-span viaducts on pile foundations. Analyses are performed by means of the substructure approach: the soil-foundation systems are studied in the frequency domain to obtain the foundation input motion and the dynamic impedance functions; inertial interaction analyses are carried out in the time domain accounting for the material nonlinear behaviour. Suitable lumped parameter models are introduced to simulate the frequency dependent behaviour of the soil- foundation system. A specific procedure for selecting and scaling real ground motions is proposed and used for the definition of the spatial seismic input. The seismic response of bridges on compliant base is compared with that obtained from fixed base analyses discussing the significance of soil-structure interaction effects.

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